Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Basic foods without elaborate recipe's.

My whole life I have been trying to understand recipe's. When I find one that looks good I have to take it apart and reconstruct it to fit what I have.

When I had a heart attack I had to rethink food again. High carbs and high fats just leads to early death. So if you think you need a lot of protein research Ketosis. Yet most people that try to eat a smaller foot-print diet, end up not getting enough protein, while most meat eaters are consuming way too much.

Getting enough protein into your body is a science. Some people can just eat salads all day and not feel something in their food intake. But I have always been a sweet junkie. Except when I eat enough protein.

Lately I have been eating more Tofurky products and feel better for it. But they have way too much salt in their products. Eating just plain tofu is satisfying. But I have been looking for some thing I can make with out much effort or money.

Long ago when I was not 'off-grid', I had plenty of electricity to incubate and refrigerate Tempeh.

I know of people that are allergic to soy foods, and “think” they are allergic to gluten. Probably due to eating too much unfermented foods.

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