Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Search for Protein

Eating Animals for protein is not sustainable!
Most people of the world use meat as a flavor. Yet meat flavor does not come from the meat, this includes butter. It is mostly salt, fat and spices.
Even the government says it is better to eat less protein than they used to tell you. 50- 60 grams of protein is the average you should eat. So if you're working hard try eating 70 to 80 grams.
Cheese is meat! Use sparingly! Strong flavored hard cheese is best because it can be used just for flavor. I had a heart attack because I was eating too much cheese.
This is very hard to find a way to live with out eating dead meat. But it is better than trying to live an unsustainable life style in a world that is collapsing from over population.

It is the lack of protein that causes a craving for sugar. And with out adequate protein your muscles can wear out much faster. I ride a heavy cargo bicycle for transportation and have not been eating 50 to 60 grams of protein, it started catching up with me. I ate meat for a while, and the pains subsided.

3 oz of meat has about 22 grams of protein but takes so much more energy to produce than Tempeh.
  • Soybeans (Roasted) 39.6g protein per 100g weight. Seems to have the most protein.
  • Soybeans (Boiled) 16.6g @100g, but the roasted beans are not very indigestible; they take some strong teeth to chew.
  • White Beans (Cooked) 9.7g @ 100g is good (pork 'n beans).
  • Lentils (Cooked) 9g @ 100g with 1g protein per 12.9 calories is the easiest & best for home cooking.
  • Hummus 7.9g @ 100g most easy to ingest.
  • Peanuts (Roasted) 24.4g @ 100g is the best, but hey have almost the same amount of fat.
  • Soy Tempeh 18.5g @100g has the best all-round ingestability verses digestibility and the Protein to Calorie Ratio is better than most beans: 1g protein per 10.4 calories .
  • Seitan 75 g @ 100g this beats every thing, (if you can make it with out much sodium. Seitan isn’t a complete protein on its own—it needs to be cooked in a soy sauce-rich broth to add gluten’s missing amino acid (lysine). )
  • Textured Soy Protein 50 g protein @100g weight (not so ingestable)
Maybe I should try making tempeh with peanuts and grains for amino acid balancing.

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