Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sugr is Poison

This has nothing to do with 'Sweet Leaf' stevia
I accedently drank of these because I though the lable ment that is wes sweetened with with Stevia (Sweet Leaf is a product name of Stevia)
when I got to the bottom of the bottle I noticed the excesive sweetness. Never drink anything without looking at the lable!

Then these idots had the audasity to tell me that it has only 20 grams carbohydrate. I do not know anyone that can drink only half a small bottle of tea when thursty.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Almond-Coconut Muffins

Through out all of your wheat flour!!!
It has way too much carbohydrate!!!
Coconut flour is low carb, and affordable.

  • Almond four [optional] (this makes moist dough even with out the eggs)
  • Coconut four [by product of the coconut oil industry, so it is very affordable] 16g carbs per ¼ cup.
  • Macadamia nut milk (one of the few milks without additives)
  • Almond milk (plenty of additives unless you make your own) or just plain water if you can afford it! Enough to make a pourable batter.
  • Eggs! (You must eat fat or die with diabetes, like me!)
  • Chia seeds may help hold it together but baking them is not good for their omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Baking powder....not much.
  • Cinnamon (helps you feel full)
  • Lots of Vitamin Rich Butter (smother the muffins after their baked) you need fat, but not as much as you think!!!
  • Stevia! refined has no after taste. [the only sweetener I use.]
  • Banana (or Plantains) a very good sugar substitute with lots of potassium and unfortunately a lot of carbohydrate.
  • Sugar is a narcotic stimulant. Corn-syrup is even worse.
  • Gluten is protein, very few people are actually allergic to it. It is the carbohydrate in refined wheat that gives people allergic reactions.
I have seen at least two recipe's using 6 eggs to ½ cup coconut flour because the flour absorbs a massive amount of liquid. Use about 1 cup milk like coconut milk with 2 eggs to a ¼ cup coconut flour. Cook pancake-like batter in a pan with lid on top of stove, low heat.

Coconutoil is the biggest scam sense hydrogenated oil! They are even claiming that it is the only oil that will dissolve hydrogenated fats. Who do you think owns the industry? The same corporate person hood that owns Crisco! The ones that invented hydrogenated oil in the first place!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Instant Mousse Pudding!

  • Chia seeds about ¼ cup (4 tbsp 28g carbs) Chia seeds will thicken up when soaked for 10-15minutes.
Blend into
  • Chocolate milk about ½ pt (one cup). (milk is not essential) then heat or chill (do not heat past 100 degrees to keep the omega 3 intact).
  • Top with orange zest meringue (egg white whipped until stiff)
  • Refined Stevia doesn't have a bitter after taste but it is much stronger than sugar, so don't add as much or it will not taste as good.
  • Frozen very ripe bananas peeled and sliced (side)
  • Greek yogurt or coconut milk yogurt
  • Vanilla
  • Cardamom?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Off-grid Bread

Stove top Wok Oven

pie plate with vent holes
150 degree inside bread

I once read a book by an old miner. He would carry a large bag of flour to his cabin and the night before making bread he would pour water into the open bag of flour to let it soak in. In the morning he would lift out the wet dough to kneed into bread with his sour dough starter saved from the last batch. And let it sit most of the day to rise.

I am guessing that his cabin got rather cold by the time he returned from working or hunting. Mine does and I am not in snow country.

I have been doing this, but it does take a bit more flour that easily comes out with the wet flour. Enough to keep the dough from sticking to a spoon. But a moist dough is preferable to a dry dough.

I made a starter batch by simply leaving a ball of moist dough in a 'not too warm' place for several days. Or use active dry yeast to start a starter batch over night.

Do not use city tap water without Activated charcoal filtration! But Reverse Osmosis is much better. Chlorine kills bacteria. This is one reason why people have digestion problems. And fluoride is even worse!

If you save a chunk of the bread dough and keep it in a cloth, it will last longer than the wet goo some people use. Lactic acid-producing organisms seem to thrive in a wet environment while acetic acid is produced more abundantly in a drier environment. Acetic acid (or vinegar) is the acid that gives sourdough much of its tang.

Just remember to keep feeding the starter every few days or even more often if the dough is wet. The bacteria eats flour even in the cold.

Mix up a new batch of dough the night before with the starter dough. Let it sit in the pan with oil on the bottom. Do not disturb the dough until you cook it with a very low flame until it smells good and ready to eat. Maybe longer.
Then turn it into pizza with sauce and melted butter. Or just eat it with soup.

Extraneousinfo about Sour Dough from “cultures for health” a PDF

A jello mold oven for cake or a pie pan in a wok or dutch oven should work even better than the small pan with lid that I have been using.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Protein Shakes

Most people cannot tell the difference between thirst and hunger. I find my self eating when I am actually only thirsty. After a hard work out I am needing liquid far more than food. But even professional muscle builders tell you to consume protein after a hard work out.

But the hardest part of making a protein shake is to keep the carbohydrates low. Make your own combination, different every time.

Remember: “Soylent green is people”!

  • Almond milk is a blend of rice carbohydrates and other unrelated stuff, unless you make it your self by soaking and blending almonds.
  • Eggs are the most important part, because they have fat in them
  • Egg white is the best protein! Powder is very expensive. Just get an egg separator.
  • Chia seeds will make it thicker and are possibly the highest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. To speed up the absorption of liquid grind the seed first.
  • Almond flour very filling! (affordable if you don't use much)
  • Coconut milk sounds good to me.
  • Greek Yogurt or any kind is really good for a topping.
  • Wheat germ? Sweet nutty flavor. high carb.
  • Cocoa will disguise flavors.
  • Carob has more carbs, but it is sweat! high cab.
  • Vanilla bean powder? Or extract without alcohol!
  • Stevia (refined crystals do not have a bad after taste, but it is much stronger than sugar, be careful)
  • Banana for sweeter would be better than sugar. They do have a lot of carbohydrates, but goodly amounts of potassium. high carb.
  • Mint extract. Peppermint with cocoa.
  • Strawberry! Fresh or powder would be fantastic in this.
  • Hemp protein powder tastes like dirt. But it can be disguised with cocoa.
  • Chlorella or Spirolina? Both green slime, but they can't be as bad as if it were right out of the swamp!
  • Maca powder, a root imported from south america! Another $cam!!
  • Whey protein is a $cam even if it is protein! But is it? and it has toomuch cabohydrates.
  • Acidophilus would be very good in this, for the live intestinal bacteria. Digestion is the key to good health.
Just chocolate milk with egg and yogurt is the simplest.

Raw eggs should not be eaten if they have cracks in the shell; unless they have been cold the whole time. Steamed eggs are easier than boiling them, it takes about ten minutes.

Eating fat for breakfast will help return you blood sugars to normal. So eggs are very good.

TheProblem with Protein Powders

The process of making protein powders often requires extremely high heat which overly denatures the proteins. And without significant saturated fats and fat soluble vitamins excessive protein will cause more harm than good.
Instead, I would recommend traditional diets – soups made with homemade bone broth, plenty of pastured butter and eggs, grass-fed meats and dairy, and seasonal produce. Not that anyone can afford that any longer.

With fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil, and therapeutic consumption of bone broths, you will be ensured optimal Supplementation health far more than powdered protein in any form. Infact you should just forget about the protein shakes unless you can find a way to put enough fat into them. (Home made Almond milk; Almond four; Coconut flour; Eggs: duck eggs have more fat).
That is why I say protein shakes! Not powder!

protein shakes?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Zen and the art of Chili

Chili is not a soup! Do not add water! If you have water left over from cooking beans, drain it off!

The only real chili is made with out beans. And leave the fat from the beef in the mix. ~~Texas quotes

  • Any kind of meat (and/or beans except garbonzo) But never ever use canned beans or anyting else from a can!!!
  • Tempeh is the best thing for vegan chili!!
  • olive oil (if you don't want to use any animal fat)
  • Smoked chipotely chili paprika powder is absolutely essential! Or use liquid smoke.
  • GARLIC! (Never ever use dry garlic powder or any thing like it! If your garlic is too strong, you may dice and braze it slightly. The accepted way to add garlic to bland food is to fry it in butter then use only the butter. But you will not get the full flavor that way!)
  • Sweet Onions, caramelized! (Fried in oil until translucent). Dry onion flakes are ok in a pinch. DO NOT use onion powder!
  • Salt (only a little is needed) corporations put way too much salt in all foods to addict you to their products!
  • Limen” juice (Lemon and/or Lime)
  • hot Pepper (be careful!) Dry pepper flakes are OK
  • CUMIN powder is absolutely essential, do not try to make chili with out cumin!
  • Coriander is not essential but it is a mexican flavor! Use only a pinch.
  • dry Mustard powder! Warning! Be carefull with this! 
  • Celery seed, black pepper?
  • Mushrooms have a good texture
  • Tomatios or Tomatos [“Miur Glen” is the only canned tomatoes that do not have BPA chemical lining.]
  • Dark bitter beer could be good, but it is mostly water... just drink bottle of Port.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Zen and the art of Cookies

These are easy to make simply by using almond flour with shredded coconut and a little coconut oil and egg. But almond meal can be heavy in the stomach. So use lemon juice and ginger, in the dough or as a tea.
  • Almond flour is the best dry ingredient.
  • shredded Coconut
  • all purpose flour (binder) use only small amounts!
  • wheat Bugler? wheat Germ or corn meal (or a combination thereof)
  • egg whites (binder)
  • corn starch (binder with too much carbohydrate)
  • Baking powder (riser)
  • Oil like Butter or Coconut (melted)
  • thick drained Yogurt (Greek) not too much! (about 2 tbsp for 2 cups dry ingredients)
  • nuStevia (without bitter after taste) read the label!
  • Apple sauce (sweetener)
  • Ginger! real Licorice or Anise.
  • Almond extract?
The secret here is the consistency of the dough. Just experiment with moisture. Do not add water. The yogurt must be very thick, but even that will make it harder than just oil.

By now you should now how long to bake stuff. When it smells like it is about done check the moisture. Then turn of the oven and let it finish cooking.

 stuff. (untill it's done)

Black market Tomatoes?

I can't be the only one that has noticed that vegetables like tomatoes and melons have lost their fabulously sweet taste?

It is because of corporate agri-biz has developed variety's that are excellent for spraying with toxic chemicals to kill all the pests, and harvesting early to store in refrigeration for long periods. But these varieties no longer have that farm fresh taste I grew up with. So I don't even bother buying tomatoes; even organically grown green house tomatoes are bland!

There is a variety of small thick skinned Roma cherry tomato that tastes good that will also last into the fall, but it is the same thing that is sold in the supermarkets.

But what is really incredible is that these mega-corporations have think-tanks that develop laws to keep the local organic farmers from competing with their fresh foods beyond the harvest season.

Our local farmer told me about how the health department snoops around the farmers market making sure no one is trying to sell vegetables that have been processed in any way. He cannot sell sliced sun dried tomatoes, and canning is an even bigger risk.

Apparently the only way to get farm fresh food that tastes like it used to past the harvest period, is to buy it off a black market, if I could find one.