Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Pesto is excellent for bread aslo

I never measure, it is a waste of time


  • Basil mass quantities (fresh or dried)
  • ground toasted Sunflower seed / Walnuts raw
  • Olive oil
  • oat or Almond milk
  • 3-4 cloves of raw pressed raw Garlic
  • Umiboshi or Shoyu (salt)
  • Black Pepper fresh ground
  • nutritional Yeast
  • Linguine (any pasta works, but these are the classic)


    • soft cooked chick peas (much easier: garbanzo flour)
    [save a little cooking water from the beans]

    • sesame Tahini (not as much as you think)
    • Toasted sesame oil
    • pressed RAW garlic
    • coriander (be careful)
    • Umiboshi plum vinegar (salt)
    • Smoked chipotely pepper (optional)

spice for Lentil dahl(not cooked in)

toasted ground Fenugreek seed
garlic (fresh raw pressed)
ginger powder
ground Fennel seed? (not cooked in)

Pesto without cheese:

Toasted Sunflower seeds Ground with tons of RAW garlic
yeast flakes
olive oil / toasted sesame oil
mass quantities of Basil
coriander? thyme? oregano?
salt/ Tamari/ Umiboshi vinegar?

fresh ground peanut butter
pressed raw garlic
Umaboshi plum vinegar (salt)
serve with butternut squash.

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