Saturday, February 11, 2017

Zen and the art of Chili

Chili is not a soup! Do not add water! If you have water left over from cooking beans, drain it off!

The only real chili is made with out beans. And leave the fat from the beef in the mix. ~~Texas quotes

  • Any kind of meat (and/or beans except garbonzo) But never ever use canned beans or anyting else from a can!!!
  • Tempeh is the best thing for vegan chili!!
  • olive oil (if you don't want to use any animal fat)
  • Smoked chipotely chili paprika powder is absolutely essential! Or use liquid smoke.
  • GARLIC! (Never ever use dry garlic powder or any thing like it! If your garlic is too strong, you may dice and braze it slightly. The accepted way to add garlic to bland food is to fry it in butter then use only the butter. But you will not get the full flavor that way!)
  • Sweet Onions, caramelized! (Fried in oil until translucent). Dry onion flakes are ok in a pinch. DO NOT use onion powder!
  • Salt (only a little is needed) corporations put way too much salt in all foods to addict you to their products!
  • Limen” juice (Lemon and/or Lime)
  • hot Pepper (be careful!) Dry pepper flakes are OK
  • CUMIN powder is absolutely essential, do not try to make chili with out cumin!
  • Coriander is not essential but it is a mexican flavor! Use only a pinch.
  • dry Mustard powder! Warning! Be carefull with this! 
  • Celery seed, black pepper?
  • Mushrooms have a good texture
  • Tomatios or Tomatos [“Miur Glen” is the only canned tomatoes that do not have BPA chemical lining.]
  • Dark bitter beer could be good, but it is mostly water... just drink bottle of Port.

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