Sunday, February 19, 2017

Protein Shakes

Most people cannot tell the difference between thirst and hunger. I find my self eating when I am actually only thirsty. After a hard work out I am needing liquid far more than food. But even professional muscle builders tell you to consume protein after a hard work out.

But the hardest part of making a protein shake is to keep the carbohydrates low. Make your own combination, different every time.

Remember: “Soylent green is people”!

  • Powdered milk non-instant! (soy has much less carbohydrates!)
  • Whey protein is a $cam even if it is protein! But is it?
  • Chia seeds will make it thicker and are possibly the highest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. To speed up the absorption of liquid grind the seed first.
  • Almond milk is a blend of rice carbohydrates and other unrelated stuff, unless you make it your self by soaking and blending almonds.
  • Almond flour very filling! (affordable if you don't use much)
  • Egg white is the best protein! Powder is very expensive. Just get an egg separator.
  • Coconut milk sounds good to me.
  • Peanut butter! Freshly ground! This will take a machine to blend. But it is really tasty with cocoa, and banana.
  • Greek Yogurt or any kind is really good for a topping.
  • Oat meal whirl quick-oats to a flour (a little will thicken the liquid and hold the almond meal in suspension soaking over night works better) and it has a special type of fiber that helps you feel fuller longer.
  • Wheat germ? Sweet nutty flavor.
  • Cocoa will disguise flavors.
  • Carob has more carbs, but it is sweat!
  • Vanilla bean powder? Or extract without alcohol!
  • Stevia (refined crystals do not have a bad after taste, but it is much stronger than sugar, be careful)
  • Banana for sweeter would be better than sugar. They do have a lot of carbohydrates, but goodly amounts of potassium.
  • Mint extract. Peppermint with cocoa.
  • Strawberry! Fresh or powder would be fantastic in this.
  • Hemp protein powder tastes like dirt. But it can be disguised with cocoa.
  • Chlorella or Spirolina? Both green slime, but they can't be as bad as if it were right out of the swamp!
  • Maca powder, a root imported from south america! Another $cam!!
  • Acidophilus would be very good in this, for the live intestinal bacteria. Digestion is the key to good health.
Just chocolate milk with egg and yogurt is the simplest.

protein shakes?

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