Friday, February 3, 2017

Zen and the art of Cookies

These are easy to make simply by using almond flour with shredded coconut and a little coconut oil and egg. But almond meal can be heavy in the stomach. So use lemon juice and ginger, in the dough or as a tea.
  • Almond flour is the best dry ingredient.
  • shredded Coconut
  • all purpose flour (binder) use only small amounts!
  • wheat Bugler? wheat Germ or corn meal (or a combination thereof)
  • egg whites (binder)
  • corn starch (binder with too much carbohydrate)
  • Baking powder (riser)
  • Oil like Butter or Coconut (melted)
  • thick drained Yogurt (Greek) not too much! (about 2 tbsp for 2 cups dry ingredients)
  • nuStevia (without bitter after taste) read the label!
  • Apple sauce (sweetener)
  • Ginger! real Licorice or Anise.
  • Almond extract?
The secret here is the consistency of the dough. Just experiment with moisture. Do not add water. The yogurt must be very thick, but even that will make it harder than just oil.

By now you should now how long to bake stuff. When it smells like it is about done check the moisture. Then turn of the oven and let it finish cooking.

 stuff. (untill it's done)

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