Sunday, April 2, 2017

Almond-Coconut Muffins

Through out all of your wheat flour!!!
It has way too much carbohydrate!!!
Coconut flour is low carb, and affordable.

  • Almond four [optional] (this makes moist dough even with out the eggs)
  • Coconut four [by product of the coconut oil industry, so it is very affordable] 16g carbs per ¼ cup.
  • Macadamia nut milk (one of the few milks without additives)
  • Almond milk (plenty of additives unless you make your own) or just plain water if you can afford it! Enough to make a pourable batter.
  • Eggs! (You must eat fat or die with diabetes, like me!)
  • Chia seeds may help hold it together but baking them is not good for their omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Baking powder....not much.
  • Cinnamon (helps you feel full)
  • Lots of Vitamin Rich Butter (smother the muffins after their baked) you need fat, but not as much as you think!!!
  • Stevia! refined has no after taste. [the only sweetener I use.]
  • Banana (or Plantains) a very good sugar substitute with lots of potassium and unfortunately a lot of carbohydrate.
  • Sugar is a narcotic stimulant. Corn-syrup is even worse.
  • Gluten is protein, very few people are actually allergic to it. It is the carbohydrate in refined wheat that gives people allergic reactions.
I have seen at least two recipe's using 6 eggs to ½ cup coconut flour because the flour absorbs a massive amount of liquid. Use about 1 cup milk like coconut milk with 2 eggs to a ¼ cup coconut flour. Cook pancake-like batter in a pan with lid on top of stove, low heat.

Coconutoil is the biggest scam sense hydrogenated oil! They are even claiming that it is the only oil that will dissolve hydrogenated fats. Who do you think owns the industry? The same corporate person hood that owns Crisco! The ones that invented hydrogenated oil in the first place!

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