Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Zen and the Art of Soup

Soup is at once the easiest and yet, least understood food. All you really need is sugar (grains) salt and fat (oils). Mixed in hot water!
  • ½ cup each Pearled barley cooked with Lintels or beans.
  • Kim-Chi or Sauerkraut, chopped in machine.
  • Miso is even better for the salty warmth. Dont kill it with cooking!
  • Tahini (to taste) or possibly peanut butter without hydrogenated fats! or at least olive oil!
Heat precooked legumes and grains in more water. Add raw Kimchi, and buttery fat or ground seeds. Try not to gulp it down!

Soup can be thickened with any kind of starch, pureeed winter squash or even Garbanzo flour

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